Saftey is a matter of concern

Avantika, is certified and approved by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway to manufacture distribute and affix High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) in India, we are awarded the Type Approval Certificate TAC and COP by ARAI in compliance to CMVR Rule No. 50 & 51 and AIS-159, to manufacture and distribute High Security Registration Plates on prevailing norms, we are known for pioneering in this segment with in-house set-up for manufacturing and implementation of HSRP program in India.

We have setup a fully automated Plant (German technology) HSRP – High Security Registration Plates manufacturing plant in Noida NCR region, we have also created a huge infrastructure, deployed core team to ensure smooth process, we maintain a huge inventory to meet the On Time Delivery / Priority delivery options.

Experience: We hold vast past experience in this segment, we were the first to Implement HSRP in India (ex-owners of Agros Impex Pvt Ltd and FTA HSRP Solutions Pvt Ltd) with a legacy of being pioneer with deep rooted knowledge and expertise of HSRP we understand the complexity and the stringent rules of this Business hence we Guarantee for 100% Compliances and abide by all the prevailing Rules and regulations pertaining to Manufacturing and Issuance of HSRP.

“HSRP” falls under sensitive category with stringent rules, a statutory product which every Vehicle Manufactures has to affix prior sale of vehicle to customer as defined in CMVR Rules wide GSR No. 6052 ( E ) December 2018 , effective April 2019.

Avantika Elcon Pvt. Ltd. a part of Tirupati Group a professional managed group established in 1986, We as a group has a strong established back ground which speak loud and clear of credentials, a professionally managed group established in 1986, with a good Revenue Patterns and resources, diversified into four verticals.

The Group Core Strength:

  • With manufacturing facilities – Verticals across India.
  • The Group Revenue is Exceeding – INR 2000 Crores.
  • With a team work force strength of 3000 plus personnel across verticals.

The Group Verticals:

  • We have set-up a fully Automated HSRP – High Security Registration Plates manufacturing plant in Noida (NCR) Region – 1 Factory
  • LPG Cylinders (Largest Manufactures in India since last 3 decades We produce an average of 7 Million LPG Cylinder a year, this proves our core strength in handling such large-scale Projects flawlessly we have pioneered as a leader in this segment, The expertise we have established in handling such huge volumes, the inventory management, the production out put the on-time delivery process including a strong logistic and distribution network across the nation from tire 1 to tire 2 and tire 3 cities, we are associated with all Oil Companies in India, not a single quality related incident is reported till date, this is what we call achievements) – 3 Factories.
  • Pharmaceuticals (we have collaborated with Top 10 Pharma companies of world for supply of life saving drugs and related products) – 3 Factories.
  • Real Estates we have built / delivered large scale group housing societies in NCR Region.

The Company is known for pioneering in-house research & development, innovation, and is responsible for manufacturing, sales & installation of HSRPs on all new vehicles registered in respective RTOs across India.

With continuous innovation and technological initiatives, we have propelled as one of the leaders in the HSRP domain nationally. As the business model has evolved over the years, Avantika has built in numerous system capabilities in order to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

IT– Application/Management
IT– Application/Management

History and Governing Rules of (HSRP)

IT– Application/Management
IT– Application/Management

Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways (Govt. of India)

Minister of Road Transport & Highways (Govt. of India) vide Gazette Notifications: GSR 6052 (E) dated 6th December, 2018 and subsequent amendments therein had amended the Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, to introduce High Security Registration Plates in India, for all types of Vehicles in India.

The primary objective of the said amendment was, apart from bringing about uniformity in shape, size, colour tec. in the number plates of vehicles in the country, to drastically reduce vehicle thefts of vehicles and related crimes, by introducing various security features and the strict methodology in implementation, whereby the removal and duplication of the number plates would be next to impossible.

Govt. has taken initiative in curbing the increments criminal, saving time, infrastructure, manpower & revenue, by virtue of this the local authorities and the police department, can keep a track of vehicles and help trace the vehicle in case they are stolen.

Re-designed Robust Process requires a robust technology infrastructure to support round the clock operational hours at all points, the infrastructure would also facilitate communication at these points and the Transport headquarters, all RTO's and local Police stations.

IT– Application/Management

IT– Application/Management
IT– Application/Management

SYSTEM INTEGRATION AND PROCESS FLOW It is desired to create an absolutely secure data exchange network so that all data can be migrated from the embossing station level to the regional headquarters and subsequently to the central server (from all regional headquarters) with various RTO’s compliance to VAHAN / SARTHI as per NIC norms.

The solution is aelcon hi-tech VAHAN integrated management solution, the solution is designed to support the State Transport authorities re-design the process in curbing crime and a full control on the process maintaining data / history of vehicles.

Fitment of HSRP on Vehicles Including:

Scooters / Motorcycles
Auto 3 wheelers / Tractors / Trailers
Auto 3 wheelers / Tractors / Trailers
HCV – Heavy commercial vehicles (Buses and Trucks)

What you get in a Complete Set

2 pcs

of complete
Embossed Plates

4 pcs

of Snap Lock

1 pcs

of Wind Screen
tamper proof Sticker

(applicable for 3 & 4 Wheeler Vehicles)

Benefits of HSRP

  • To curb thefts of vehicles and vehicle borne crime since HSRPs could only be issued by the local Registering Authority post due verification.
  • Standardization of the number plate display format across the country.
  • Nearly impossible to duplicate and counterfeit
  • Better issue control and traceability
  • To make the Registration Plates Uniform for different vehicles so that new technologies like Laser Identification Recognition Readers can be introduced at a later date.
  • Improvement of the security scenario in the State by assisting law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes.
  • Enhanced night visibility, enabling reading of the number plates and identifying the vehicles
  • Standard format of number plates
  • To regulate the issuance of Registration Plates so that illegal plates cannot be sold and distributed by miscreants.

Re-designed Robust Process: The re-designed process requires a robust technology infrastructure to support round the clock operational hours at all points, the infrastructure would also facilitate communication at these points and the Transport headquarters, all RTO's and local Police stations.