Saftey is a matter of concern


Avantika is proud to have been Authorized, Certified and Approved by (ARAI) Govt. of India.


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Speed Governor / Limiter: we are proud to have ventured into providing the most advance technology / solutions in Auto sector and are offering

Avantika : has set up a full fledge manufacturing base at Noida to manufacture "Speed Limiter Device" electronically controlled, flow valve (fuel) regulated system, offering speed control in all climatic conditions for both petrol and diesel vehicles, under the Brand name of "Aelcon" the company is run and managed by young entrepreneurs in similar field and market since last 10 years.

We Manufacturer Premium Quality Speed Governor, Vehicle Speed Limiter, The products Electronic Speed Governor are certified by the designated Government agencies (ARAI) Approved suitable of all types of Commercial / Private Vehicles.

Our Speed Limiter is tested for highest standards, quality and performances. We follow the most advanced technology process and manufacturing techniques. We offer wide range variable types of speed governors as per the requirement of Automobile Industry compliance with the latest norms of ARAI.

Tested as per AIS -018 /EEC 92/24

The products offered by us meet the highest industry standards

The company and the Q&A meet the Quality ISO 9001:2008 standards

The products are tested and certified by ARAI –

Regulation /enforcement on roads

  • In no case transport vehicle should run above 40 kmph.
  • ESG should not be tempered.
  • Seals of ESG should be intact.
  • ESG should not be removed.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract /History card should be kept along the vehicle documents.

Regulation of speed of vehicles

  • Motor Vehicle Act , 1988 Sections 183,112,184,66
  • Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 , Rule 118
  • SLD Standards AIS 018, IS :10250, IS : 9000

A sensible investment: Advantages

  • saves fuel costs
  • saves maintenance and repair costs of brakes, engine and tyres
  • increased road safety
  • increased driver comfort
  • reduces burden on environment
  • Lower operating costs as a consequence of:
    • reduced wear
    • reduced fuel consumption
    • lower service costs
    • longer vehicle lifetime
    • elimination of fines for speeding

Fuel Based Speed Limiter

A speed or rpm limiter increases safety and contributes to the cost-efficiency of the vehicle due to higher fuel efficiency and reduced wear of the engine, tyres and brakes. Different versions exist for mechanically controlled and electronically controlled fuel injection additionally.

Speed Management

Application Chart