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Home Lightning Kits 50W to 2000W

Ready to Install

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Ready to Install

Ready to Install


  • If you’re looking for a convenient and portable power solution, the aelcon Home Solar System is an ideal choice. The system is an entire solar power system incorporated into one small package.
  • Do it Yourself / Ready to install Premium Solar System complete Kit in different configurations and fixtures
  • Investment Return/Payback in 30 Months thereafter 100 % savings on Electricity for 10 years
  • Suitable for small families / flats, Install it on Roof or Varndha or hang on outdoor Wall like a split AC

Home Lightning System

  • We have developed Solar-based Home Lightning Kits for mass public and families who cannot afford expensive systems, but can have all basic comfort of lightning with huge savings on electricity bills.
  • These kits are developed with a team of professionals with in house R&D and door to door survey in villages at various levels.
  • We have kept in mind several feature and selected components of highest standards for a hassle-free uninterrupted power supply
  • This ready to install Home Lighting Solar kits are developed to cater the need of families who are deprived of electricity and are seeking to Get a solar kit installed at their home / shop as a remedy for an easy life.
  • Most efficient for families with 1 to 3 rooms set, the system ranges from 50W to 2000W (comprising ready to install kit) as detailed in brochure at a very reasonable affordable cost.

Our Vision is to provide with the best solution in Solar Home Lightning Kit to the consumer and to be known for this product.

Our Aim is to become the customer’s first choice in the field of Solar Energy solutions.

What you Get in a Home Lightning Kit

Consumer Benefits:

Scooters / Motorcycles
Auto 3 wheelers / Tractors / Trailers
Auto 3 wheelers / Tractors / Trailers
HCV – Heavy commercial vehicles (Buses and Trucks)
  • 1 Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module – 100 to 260 Watt
  • 2 Okaya / Exide Tubular Solar Battery - 100 to 220 Ah - 12V
  • 3 MPPT 10 to 40 Amp Solar Charge Controller with Digital Display
  • 4 Fixtures & Mounting Channel Stand
  • 5 Clamps with Nut & Bolts and Screw Kit
  • 6 Panel Wiring Cable Red & Black Set with Wire Connectors
  • 7 Battery Terminal Red and Black Connecting Cables
  • 8 Led Bulb - 9W to 20W
  • 9 Led Tube Light 20 W
  • 10 DC Table Fan
  • 11 DC False Celling Fan
  • 12 MC4 Branch Connectors for Solar Panels
  • 13 MC4 Solar Panel Connector Disconnect Spanner Tool
  • 14 Y connector MC4 Solar Panel
  • 15 63A Double Pole DC MCB - Suitable for solar application
  • 16 Cable Tie


  • Model Wattage
  • THUNDER50W20Ah 50 Watt
  • THUNDER100W100Ah 100 Watt
  • THUNDER200W100Ah 200 Watt
  • THUNDER200W100Ah 520 Watt
  • THUNDER200W100Ah 1040 Watt
  • The Product Advantages & Features

    The Customer gets free power over night and save money on electricity bills, and if required can sell the power to neighbors and earn extra every month (Return on Investment in 4 to 5 years).